Xin Ju


Also Known As:

  • Geki Shin

Stats: Strength 90 Leadership 95 Observation 99 Knowledge 92 Geki Shin is a Great General from the state of Yan. His name is known across the entire continent of China. Geki Shin was born in Bayou, an area in Zhao territory, and would cut down hermits who called themselves Bushin as they often would terrorize his village. Because of him, it did not take long for them to stop appearing in his village. Later on, he went to Yan in the promise of fortune and from the moment he arrived in Yan, Geki Shin did little else but contemplate how to overcome the huge wall known as Gaku Ki. Geki Shin would follow Gaku Ki into as many battles as he could and recorded every detail he witnessed. 40 years prior to the story, both he and Gaku Ki pushed back encroaching Qi forces and won a huge victory for Yan. (Source: Kingdom Wikia)