Yaeko Yanasegawa

柳瀬川 八恵子

Yaeko Yanasegawa is a Japanese girl that joined the Annex I Project because of her various financial debts. Assigned to Nippon-Alliance Squad 2 led by Michelle K. Davis. After receiving her M.O. Operation Yaeko gained the powers and abilities of the Striped Skunk. Through her transformation she most likely gains two anal scent glands near her butt, from which she can spray the stinking liquid typical for skunks. This liquid contains butyl mecaptan and is harmful when it touches skin or mucous membrane. It can cause the loss of eyesight as well as damage to the lungs and is highly flammable. However its most defining feature is its incredibles stench, which is 16.000 times stronger than the smell of surströming and is able to even make a group of Terraformars stop their attack. However given her low rank and the biological informations about her base, it seems likely that Yaeko can only produce a relative small amount of this liquid. Her actual combat powers are probably pretty low as well as her rank indicates that she is one of the weakest persons on board of the Annex I.