Yaito Ayanokouji

Height: 115.3 cm Yaito is the daughter of the man who runs "Gabcom" *cough*, and is very, very rich. She doesn't hesitate to flaunt this fact either, as she shares her very own Net Battling "club house" with Netto, Meiru and Dekao so they all can practice together. She has her own airplanes, cars and a huge mansion to boot. ^_^; Yaito also has her own Net Navi, who is called Glyde. She doesn't really net battle, as Glyde is not made to fight. Yaito's attitude doesn't change much as the series progress, but in Axess she does grow a little a taller and thinner. Though she also seems to hate her company rival IPC, who is run by Enzan, she eventually realizes that she has a crush on the poor boy. Later in Axess, she gets some competition for his affections, as Anetta enters the series. Nonetheless, Yaito is still the first one to ever get Enzan to smile, which has to mean at least a little something.