Yamabuki Otome


Height: 162 cm Weight: 49 kg Yamabuki Otome is a beautiful flower ayakashi and was Rihan's first wife. It is said that she motivated Rihan into bringing the Nura Clan to its golden age through her support, but when she left Rihan after leaving behind a note containing a poem that described her pain of not being able to bear children for Rihan due to his curse, Rihan was greatly devastated. She was supposed to be dead until Abe no Seimei brought her back to life in her younger form to become Hagoromo Gitsune's host. After regaining her memories and shielding Rikuo despite her injuries, she died peacefully in Rikuo's arms, after commenting that their child would be just like Rikuo if she did gave birth. (Source: wikia)