Yasuyoshi Sano

左 安良

Also Known As:

  • Aeon Clock

Yasuyoshi Sano (左 安良, Sano Yasuyoshi?), known as "Aeon Clock" (時�支�者, lit. "manipulator of time"?), is an extremely intelligent and talented individual who is able to create the illusion of manipulating the flow of time using the Flame Road. He is originally part of Spitfire's team, following the same road, until he decides to leave and join Behemoth. After Behemoth's defeat, he joins with Genesis, serving as Simca's advisor, counselor, and occasional chauffeur. He eventually also serves Ikki and his team in the same manner. Although he is normally serious, he is often used as a comic relief with his homosexuality being a recurring gag. He is very close to Mimasaka, and she is the only person he allows to see his true self. He eventually shows to be working under his father in an attempt to obtain the Sky Regalia, though he has his own goals. He later helps Spitfire fight Sora and Nike while trying to steal the Flame Regalia, though he is defeated and thought to be dead along with Spitfire. He is later shown to be working under Genesis once again and steals the Flame Regalia from Kazu. (Source: Wikipedia)