Yatori was previously known as 'furball' and worked for Akura-ou after the said man killed his original master in a game of siege. He was constantly ignored and ridiculed for his looks and stench. His tolerance for it soon reached it's peak when he was partnered with Kirakaburi. When his accomplice became gravely injured by Tomoe's sword, he gorged on him. Due to this, his size and strength grew considerably. He soon finds out a human, namely Suke, was watching him and makes him beg for his life. He relished this feeling of superiority. Afterward, he aimed to get Akura-ou's recognition and protected him from human intruders by eating them. However, he was rejected again due to his appearances. Desperate to please him, he goes to Suke and makes him eat him. He gains control over the body and afterward assumed the name 'Yatori'. Already as Yatori, he served falsely under Jirou, manipulating him as to gain control of the Kurama Mountain to prove his worth the Akura-Ou. He kept Third Chief Soujoubou's soul within the Raijiuyuu so Jirou would have the power to rule. However, his plan failed and he returned to Kirihito. He accompanied Akura-Ou on his second trip to Yomi-no-Kuni, where they discovered Akura-Ou's body atop a mountain of flames, upon realising they could not climb it he pursuaded a reluctant Akura-Ou to return to the surface until they could formulate a successful plan.