Also Known As:

  • The Moon

Yaya is Raishin's puppet who takes the form of a raven-haired teenage girl. She is abnormal in the sense that her appearance and personality strongly resembles that of a human. She is deeply in love with Raishin and often teases him, so much that she leads other people to see him as a pervert. She also claims she wants to be a real girl so she can become Raishin's wife, leading her to get very jealous when he makes contact with other girls. Yaya has two sister puppets: Irori the bigger sister and Komurasaki the little sister. It is told that Yaya attempted to take Raishin's life multiple times, but due to some events unknown, Yaya has stopped her attempts at Raishin's life. Yaya is a Banned Doll, meaning she behaves like a human and has real human blood and skin. Yaya has more human organs then even Sigmund as stated by Charlotte when Yaya took the cannon shot and saved her.