Yayoi Takatsuki

高槻 やよい

Also Known As:

  • Yayoicchi

Age: 14 Height: 145cm Weight: 37kg Birthday: March 25 Blood type: O B-W-H: 74-52-78 Likes: Othello, Baseball, Gardening (Source: http://www.idolmaster.jp) Yayoi Takatsuki is very energetic, optimistic, and hyperactive at all times. Her strong will and optimistic traits are perfect for being an idol, though she frequently speaks too loud and sometimes can't control herself so that she is often hushed or punished by others, especially during school. She is also not the smartest of girls, hence the reason why she has low grades in school. Due to her father's unstable occupational status, her family is actually quite poor, as indicated by Yayoi's plain clothing, which she's actually had for a very long time. To earn extra money, Yayoi often does cleaning and other odd jobs around the 765 Production building, and continues to do so even after she debuts as an idol. She's endlessly energetic, however, and never lets the weight of the world discourage her. Yayoi is the oldest of 5 siblings and always has to be the one to look after them, but also wishes that she had an "older brother" type around to look after her. Yayoi is also very greedy and self-conscious when it comes to finance, she occasionally asks the Producer to lend her money. If she feels like she spent money on something useless, even down to just 10 yen, she will become extremely depressed and can stay in bed for days with her regrets haunting her. (Source: Wikipedia)