Also Known As:

  • Silver Yogi
  • Prince

Birthday: February 11 Age: 21 Height: 181 cm ( 5'11 ) Blood type: B Likes: Working as nyanperona Dislikes: battles, Akari-sensei Food he Likes: chocolate, candy bars Food he dislikes: green peppers, carrots Hair color: blonde Eye color: purple Being a fighter, he wonders if working as nyanperona is a suitable occupation for him... and is a bit worried. By the way, the "self-introduction" he always does before a fight (soaring male's spirit and so on...) is Hirato's idea. It is essential that every person who applies for a fighter position submits one personally, but since Yogi himself hadn't thought about it until the application period came, he left it to his superior Hirato, who with a gentle, smiling face submitted some outrageous things. But it is well received by the Children, so he quite likes it now. Yogi comes from a small, remote country. He apparently has a younger sister. The "yo" in Yogi's name means "participate in, give, award, impart, provide, cause" and "gi" is "ceremony, rule, affair, case, a matter." (Source: extra pages from chapter 18) Circus Second Ship's Fighter. Hirato's subordinate. A 21-year-old man who's always bright and cheerful. Despite his age, he acts like a child. He wears a white patch under his left eye. Battles make him nervous, so he's relieved when he doesn't have to fight. His weapons are two thorn-like épées and the name of his special attack is Dornkiste (German for "thorn chest"). Later is revealed that Yogi was the prince from a small country. In chapter 61 it is shown that Yogi's closest person to him was his little sister who was killed by Varuga, and in the same chapter is also revealed that sometimes Yogi develops a split personality called "Silver Yogi." His other self with silvered hair, is quite playful, powerful and if necessary will kill with no hesitation. It is hinted that this comes from a past trauma and the experiments he suffered being fused with Varuga, as it is hinted in chapter 62 that his family and everyone in his whole hometown were killed in front of him and he was probably the sole survivor. Right after the tragedy little Yogi went berserk and his unstable powers drew the attention of Circus. Tsukitachi and Hirato were sent to investigate and found Yogi crying, completely out of control. Hirato attempted to kill him but gave up when little Yogi offered no resistance and decided to save him instead. Yogi uses a small patch in his face to stop him from changing into "Silver Yogi." Also, unlike Yogi, "Silver Yogi" remembers his tragic past.