Youko Mano

真野 妖子

Age: 16 Height: 158 cm BWH: 83-56-85 Blood type: A Her grandmother, Madoka is the 107th Devil Hunter and Yohko's mother Sayoko would have been the 108th, but for a small hitch: A Devil Hunter must be a virgin to take on the power and responsibility. Yohko's mother became pregnant and lost the right to become the 108th Devil Hunter. So the job fell to Yohko, who is placed as the 108th Devil Hunter. Demons conspire against Yohko to ascend as the next Devil Hunter in one attempt by placing Osamu Wakabayashi, a classlmate who has a crush on Yohko under demonic possession to seduce her and take her virginity. Her grandmother is able to rescue her in time. Her grandmother gives Yohko the responsibility to be the 108th Devil Hunter and continue their family's legacy as a Devil Hunter. As a Devil Hunter, Yohko must face off against demons while trying to live her life as a boy-crazy schoolgirl. Her best friend is Chikako Ogawa who makes herself Yohko's manager and Azusa Kanzaki becomes her apprentice/partner in the second episode of the OVA. Her cousin is Ayako Mano, the granddaughter of her grandmother's twin sister Chiaki. (Source: Wikipedia)