Yohko Yamamoto


Also Known As:

  • Yohko-chan

Birthday: March 6

Yohko is an active, sporty but cocky girl. She is a hardcore gamer, preferring space fight simulations, and is occasionally bribed using games. She is usually seen eating Pocky. In the first episode of the TV series, it was revealed that she had lost her memories. However, by the end of the same episode, she regains her memory while participating in a space battle. She was the first pilot to be recruited by Lawson, happening to be the first person he met after travelling to 1999 AD. She considers Rouge of NESS's Red Snappers to be her rival, both in space battles and in love - they both are attracted to NESS's Fluger. She pilots the Super Strike TA-29, armed with the all-powerful Eva Black Cannon. Due to her obsession with games, she is required to put in an 100-yen coin into an arcade-like coin slot to start her starship.

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