Yoko Littner


Also Known As:

  • Yomako

Age: 16; 23 (second half)Height: 160 cm Weight: 46 kg Yoko is a girl from Jeeha's neighboring village Littner, who had been chasing the Gunmen which entered Jeeha village. She wields an extensive range of firearms which include a long range sniper rifle (which she uses most frequently) modeled after the Barrett M82 and hand guns (which can be assumed is used for mid-range or close combat) and has previous experience fighting Gunmen. Although she is of the same age group as Simon, she is mature and one of the more rational members of the group. Despite always badmouthing Kamina for his reckless behavior, it did not take long for her to confess her feelings to him, which he returns. She was also Simon's love interest, until Simon discovered that she was in love with Kamina. He seems to have given up on her since meeting Nia. In episode 13 she proceeds to tell Simon that she was in love with Kamina in which Simon replied that he already knew. After the war, Yoko decided to not take part in the administration of Kamina City and decided to become a school teacher for the first new children born on the surface, but not before asking Simon to take care of Nia. After the war with the Anti-Spiral, Yoko became principal of the school she once taught at. (Source: Wikipedia)