Also Known As:

  • Sister Yolanda

Sister Yolanda is the leader of the Church of Violence, often called "the Rip-off Church" by much of Roanapur. Located on the mainland of Thailand, the facility operates as an active Roman Catholic church – although it is heavily active in arms and drug smuggling, and often undercuts operations by the other Roanapur mob syndicates, including Balalaika's "Hotel Moscow", but has remained unattacked by them because of their religious status. Although kind and soft-spoken, Sister Yolanda runs the Church of Violence with an iron fist, and is the one person that can barely keep a hot-head like Eda under check. She is also appreciative of the talents of Rock, when he let on about his observations about the drug smuggling operations of the church and kindly made mention how it would affect the relationship of it with the Lagoon Company. Just in case things go wrong, she has a golden Desert Eagle automatic pistol hidden in her desk, just in case. (Source: Absolute Anime)