Yonekuni Madarame


Age: 17 Yonekuni Madarame is a third-year student of the high school. He is rough and prefers to be alone rather than in company. Yonekuni posesses a fierce hatred of men and almost as fierce obsession with women, that is why he is often surrounded by a pack of girls. Nevertheless, Yonekuni asked Shiro to be his "temporary friend", as he admitted that he also needed someone to talk to from time to time. Yonekuni used to go in for swimming and even managed to set a record at a 200-meter distance, but had to quit because of his weak vegetative system. He gets cold very easily, but admits that he enjoys swimming a lot. He works part-time at a local pub and doesn't care for names at all, calling his "temporary friend" Shiro simply "a Chairman". His father is a dragon and his mother is a snake. Yonekuni himself is a crocodile, the highest grade of reptiles. Later he realizes he's truly been bad towards other people and falls in love with Shiro. For the first time they do it while he's conscious.