Yoriko Kusumoto

楠本 頼子

She is the main character in the first episode. She goes to an all girls high school and is on the same class with Yuzuki Kanako who she admires. They become friends later. And Kanako says Yoriko is her reincarnation. At the end, it is revealed that the one who pushed Kanako to the rails was not a man dressed in black with white gloves as Yoriko said. The man dressed in black was a character from Sekiguchi's novel which Yoriko read. She lied to the police. Kyogokudou reveals that Yoriko idealized Kanako and when she saw her crying she felt disappointed and was possessed by a toorimono which made her attempt to kill her friend. But it is shown that she regretted it. Also she becomes another victim of Kubo when she accepts to pose for him and goes to his house. He dismembered and put her into a box as he did with the other girls he killed.