Yoriko Nikaidou

二階堂 頼子

A dispatcher at Bokuto Station who later becomes a patrol officer and partner of Aoi Futaba, Yoriko is an incorrigible gossip who pokes her nose into everything that happens at the precinct. Unfortunately, she frequently misinterprets things she sees and hears about, resulting in embarrassment and complications. She keeps an especially close eye on Miyuki and Ken. Yoriko also enjoys heckling her colleagues, especially when she talks about anything supernatural or paranormal. She is also clumsy in anything she does but always can somehow cover the trouble created with her luck, which made her the top in class during her years in the Metropolitan Police Department Academy and earned the ire of her classmate Chie Sagamiono, who had aspired to become valedictorian back in their academy days. She is also insecure about her job for a short period of time when she saved an elementary student from Yakuza thugs. (Source: Wikipedia)