Ikuto's Guardian Character, Yoru, has cat-like features. He wears a pair of paw gloves and boots and dresses in punk fashion style. Yoru has a freedom loving stray cat image and often wanders around wherever he pleases without staying with Ikuto. Yoru loves to tease and annoy Kiseki, who in turn tries to do things only Yoru can do, like climb on buildings and railings. He also seems to be scared of dogs. When Yoru and Ikuto perform Character Change, Ikuto grows cat ears and a tail. In Character Transformation, they become "Black Lynx". Ikuto wears a spend-like outfit, has cat ears and a tail, and uses a glove with metal claws. In volume two, Miki seems to like Yoru as well as Kiseki, though, has more compliments showing she has an equal crush on Yoru aswell as Kiseki.