Yoshihisa Kira

吉良 義久

Gender: Male Age: 44 Height: 175 cm Blood Type: A Occupation: Truck driver Hometown: Tokyo Status: Deceased BIM Type: Cracker Kill(s): 0 He was a lazy and abusive father towards his son, K�suke Kira. While he was laying in the couch, he was irritated by his son playing Btooom! and would one time smash the console. He neglected his son a lot and that led to K�suke's crimes. K�suke suddenly mumbles something and Yoshihisa directs his anger towards him and grabs him by his crotch. He begins to pinch his balls, but K�suke panics and presses an Implosion BIM on his father's shirt. The BIM starts to activate and Yoshihisa hurries to take his shirt off, insulting his son in the process, but it's too late. The BIM explodes and kills Yoshihisa.