Yoshitaka Minami

南 佳高

Yoshitaka Minami is a bespectacled male with purple hair who was a member of Naoto Kozuki's resistance team before becoming a member of the Black Knights. He became the Black Knights's first secret corps commander. In episode seven of R2, he is seen blushing when Nunnally is sworn in as Viceroy of Area 11. He is appointed as the captain of the Ikaruga following the formation of the U.F.N. He is last seen in Tamaki's bistro along with Sugiyama and Viletta. Minami was one of the few characters who escaped capture following the defeat of the UFN under Prince Schneizel and the capture of the Damocles and frees the UFN members after Lelouch's assassination. (Source: Code Geass Wikia)