Yoshitake Tanaka

田中 ヨシタケ

Also Known As:

  • Captain
  • Markovich

Age: 16-17 Height: 172 cm (5'7") Horoscope: Virgo Yoshitake Tanaka is a second-year high school student of the Prefectural Sanada North High School. He is in Class 2-A. Yoshitake acts as the main trio’s fool who fervently goes along with Hidenori’s whims. Still, he is shown to be rather loyal and helpful, even lending a hand without being told. According to Hidenori, Yoshitake has a tendency of reacting impulsively, calling everything "surreal," being strict with rules, and crying at little things. He had an embarrassing childhood but the events are often misattributed to Mitsuo. Also, it is said that he is a Virgo like Hidenori, works at a part-time job like Tadakuni, and is unable to handle carbonated drinks. He has an unnamed older sister who he has a hostile relationship with. He admitted that he relies on her bad manners to convince himself that he is not the worst kind of person (although, by admitting this act, he realized that he is indeed worse). He has known Tadakuni since elementary school and Hidenori since middle school. He also has a wide circle of friends outside the trio. In the anime, it was heavily implied that Yoshitake was the person who rescued Hidenori but in the final chapter of the manga, he denied recollection of the event but admitted to being one of the Rubber Shooters along with Tadakuni and three—or four—other kids. Also, it was later revealed that the story about him shaving his nipple was a lie.