Yosshi Miyoshi

見吉 歩

Age: 45 Yosshi Miyoshi is Kaya Miyoshi's father. He is a real estate agent and a karate teacher. In 1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th grade, and most of Jr. high and high school, he was in the same class as Moritaka's uncle Nobuhiro, and they were best friends. They both had a crush on Miho's mother Miyuki, and they were somewhat rivals. When Akito had met with Kaya and her parents to discuss him marrying his daughter, Yosshi started to talk about Nobuhiro's death (without mentioning his name) and eventually he found out that they knew the same person and Moritaka was Akito's partner. So he asked Akito to call Moritaka over and the three went to a restaurant where Yosshi explained his past with Nobuhiro and Miyuki, and eventually decided to support Moritaka and Akito in their dreams coming true, and gave Akito permission to marry Kaya, even offering to get him an apartment. He is a chubby man with a goatee. His hair resembles that of a baby's hat. (Source: Bakuman Wikia)