Youzen is a disciple at Konronsan. Actually, he is the son of the leader of Kingoutou, Tsuuten Kyoushu and a youkai senin. He is a person of extreme confidence and takes great pride in his appearance. He has the ability to change into the body of any living thing, although his favorite transformation is that of Dakki. He can use the powers and paopeis of ones he tranformed into, but limited by his own power. He is called the genius discipline. The paopei he has: Sansento - a trident that can cause shockwaves. Koutenken - a dog that can attack enemies or used as a flying transport. Rikukonhan - the "Null Paopei", which he recived from his father, a terrifying super paopei that can wrap enemy and nullify it so that even soul is lost.