Age: 16 Birthday: April 5th Blood Type: O Height: 159 cm BWH: 90-53-82 A second year at Death Cram School. She's very serious and doesn't understand jokes. She doesn't approve of bent/warped/twisted things, nor things that get hot. When she comes across either of these two things her home dialect/accent unintentionally comes out. On both hands she wields weapons that change size and cover her hands and wrist. Heavy blows are her specialty. She is the oldest of 12 brother and sisters, her mother died in a battle as shinobi when she was 8 years old and her father died a year later as shinobi too. After his death Yozakura was separated from her relatives. After escaping, she met with the Master Kurokage, and he told her "I'll give you the strength to protect what is important to you" and she accepted with the condition that she get join her brothers and sisters.