Yu-Ling Pan

潘 玉玲

PÄ�n GuÄ�ng-Lín's sister and KenshirÅ�'s girlfriend. She first met KenshirÅ� after he was badly beaten and she nursed him back to health. She also appears to be some sort of Christian. Her adopted father promised her to Máng Kuáng-Yún as payment. But Yù-Líng was already in love with Kenshiro, and a jealous Kuáng-Yún erased her memory and left her with a nomadic warlord in Northern China. She became the horse bandit leader LÇ� Xiù-BÇŽo, fighting small guerilla battles against the Imperial Japanese Army, gaining a sense of hatred against the Japanese. She also learned some Praying Mantis martial art. She eventually regains her memories in Shanghai after meeting Kenshiro again, and soon marries him. After GuÄ�ng-Lín was crippled in a failed assassination attempt, she succeeds her brother as leader of the QÄ«ng BÄ�ng. (Source: Wikipedia)