Yu Xuan


Also Known As:

  • Guken

Yu Xuan is an exceptional Chinese Flame Haze who is bound to the Crimson Lord, Di Hong. She has the title "Wielder of Blooming Sword" and is known as one of the best Flame Haze in the East. She is also an acquaintance of Sophie Sawallisch and Wilhelmina Carmel. Her name is greatly feared by those who come from the Crimson Realm, even Sydonay, who has known her for thousands of years, still has difficulty fighting her without his personal spear, Shintetsu Nyoi. Yu Xuan went to fight one-on-one with Sydonay, who now wields Shintetsu Nyoi. They come out of the smoke of the destroyed Outlaw after Sydonay had killed many of its members. She claims that she will kill him before attacking using her Unrestricted Spell, Shashin Kensei, to battle him. Sydonay says he will show her the true power of the Shintetsu Nyoi, giving her grants to use Shashin Kensei to create a massive blast that hits him. She believes she had killed Sydonay, but he appears behind her unscathed because his Shintetsu Nyoi won't break unless he commands it to. He uses its ability to summon eyes on the building behind Yu Xuan, shooting out projectiles at her. She blocks them but drops Kun Wu, giving Sydonay the opportunity to destroy it. He then shoots out Power of Existence at Yu Xuan, incinerating her. (Source: Shakugan Wikia)