Also Known As:

  • Juda

Yuda is the successor of Nanto Kokakuken, a Nanto Seiken style specializing in long range attacks. He represents the "Star of Enchantment, also known as the "Star of Betrayal." Vain and treacherous, Yuda earned his title due to his egotistical vanity and considers himself to be the most beautiful of all warriors. After the nuclear war, Yuda broke up the Nanto Roku Seiken by joining Raoh's army, along with 27 subordinate branches (it is later revealed he was manipulated by Souther into doing so). Vain and treacherous, Yuda keeps a harem of concubines full of female slaves who worship his beauty and is more than willing to sacrifice his own underlings for his own gain. In the past, he kidnapped Mamiya on her 20th birthday, murdering her parents before her eyes and making her part of his harem before she eventually escaped. He fights Rei, who sought to avenge Mamiya's honor. Yuda had been envious of Rei prior to the war, feeling that the beauty of Rei's Suich�ken style was overshadowing his Kokakuken style. After he is defeated by Rei, he stabs himself with Rei's hands so he could die "by someone beautiful like him." At his death, he concedes that Rei is more beautiful.