Yuhata Midorikawa

緑川 纈

Yuhata Midorikawa is the younger sister of Izumo Midorikawa and Nagate Tanikaze's junior. She is an energetic girl with a passion for model Guardians.

After the death of her brother, Yuhata vowed to take his place as a Guardian pilot. However, after proving to posses a brilliant tactical intellect, Yuhata was instead appointed as executive officer, effectively replacing Seii.

Later in her career, Yuhata was given the rank of Commander of the Mizuki and even promoted to Vice Commander of Sidonia.

When they have first met, Yuhata and Izana saw one another as rivals for Nagate's affection. Over time, the two learn to tolerate each other and eventually become really close to where Yuhata willingly allows Izana to be with Nagate and even sympathizing her when Izana had been seemingly rejected.



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