Yukari Kurosaki


Younger sister of the twins, Yukari was sacrificed to be the Burial Doll of Shirogane during the plane crash when You found her barely alive while Shuri doesn't seem to be breathing. Yukari was a promising actress that was on her way to be in a movie shot in England but the plane crashed. You sacrifice Yukari in order to save her life but Yukari and Shuri make a switch of body so Yukari (actually Shuri's soul in Yukari's body) became the Burial Doll for the Shirogane. (First World) 3rd year student at Rakurowa High School and Nia's friend. Yukari was informed of the destruction of the First World by Nia. She noticed Tomoharu from Second World wasn't the Tomoharu (from First World) she knew but Tomoharu from the Second World and cheers him up from the depression. Tomoharu noticed right away that Yukari from First World was the Shuri from the Second World he knew, making him cry and reminisce of the Shuri from Second World who's possibly been killed while trying to protect Tomoharu and others. -Wikipedia-