Yuki Mori

森 雪

Also Known As:

  • Nova

Birthday: September 2181; December 24, 2180 (in Yamato 2199) Initially Dr. Sado's nurse, She gained the additional responsibilities aboard Yamato of operating the radar, performing computer calculations, taking care of the crew's morale and searching planets for food sources. She is from the outset attracted to Susumu Kodai, but conceals her true feelings with girlish glee. As the only significant female crewmember, she is also frequently the victim of fan service. In the remake, her personality and role changed slightly. Her role of a nurse was replaced by Makoto Harada; as a result, she is a full time radar operator. Her personality was refined to be more straight forward than the classic representation of her. Her name means "forest snow." it originates from a fan of Matsumoto's named Miyuki Moriki. (Source: Yamato Wikia)