Yukie Sakamoto

坂本 幸江

Gender: Female Age: N/A Occupation: Housewife Hometown: Tokyo Yukie Sakamoto is Ry�ta Sakamoto's mother and Hisanobu Sakamoto's wife. Prior to the series, Ry�ta constantly rejected his mother's attempts to get him a real career outside of gaming, and tried to get him to stop being a NEET. Ry�ta would often hit his step-father and scold his mother during their arguments. Eventually, it is revealed that Yukie nominated her son to be put into the island simulation by Tyrannos Japan. After Ry�ta has been on the island for a few days, Yukie is shown to have harbored a great amount of guilt from nominating her son to the Btooom! game. From the guilt of nominating Ry�ta, Yukie attempts to commit suicide by slitting her wrists with a razor blade in the bathroom. However, Hisanobu finds her when he arrives home, covering her wounds with a towel, going to call an ambulance but stopping to listen to her confession. She reveals that she nominated Ry�ta to be a part of the Btooom! game as she knew her husband had been laid off his job, so will be unable to support the family and also due to Ry�ta's poor treatment of her and Hisanobu. After this, she apologizes to both her son and husband. (Source: Btooom! Wikia)