Yukihito Irita

イリタ ユキヒト

Irita pursues and captures the various former members of Harlock's crew, even sacrificing a ship full of criminals whom he could not properly execute under the law as bait to ensnare Kei Yuki. After the fleet under his command is driven mad with fear by the Noo, Irita is rescued by space trucker Tomiko and her son Ichiro. Ultimately realizing the threat posed by the Noo, he makes a brave but futile attack upon their co-opted vessel, the Fata Morgana, after exchanging some parting words of conciliation with Harlock. These guys always figure it out a wee bit too late. Irita's father was renowned as a great pioneer of space and was the chief of the observatory on Pluto, where Irita was born. The observatory and his father's grave are both destroyed when Irita orders a pre-emptive but futile attack upon the commandeered vessel Fata Morgana. (Source: cornponeflicks.org)