Yukiho Hagiwara

萩原 雪歩

Also Known As:

  • Yuki-pyon

Age: 17 Height: 155 cm Weight: 42 kg Birthday: December 24 Blood Type: A B-W-H: 81-56-81 Likes: MY Poetry Anthology Writing, Japanese Tea (Source: idolmaster.jp) A terrible crybaby, Yukiho aspires to become an idol in order to one day shed her cowardly disposition. She's afraid of dogs (even chihuahuas seem threatening to her) and doesn't do well with boys either. Having grown up in a strict, traditional Japanese household, Yukiho's drink of choice is tea; predominantly green tea. Also, among her hobbies is writing poetry, but she's usually too shy to even share her poems with anyone. Whenever she's depressed, she has a habit of running off exclaiming she'll "go dig a hole and bury herself in it", however whether this is just a saying or if she actually digs holes remains a bit of a mystery. Yukiho also appears as a downloadable skin for the F-117 in the video game Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. (Source: Wikipedia)