Yukiko Amagi

天城 雪子

Also Known As:

  • Yuki-chan

Age: 16-17 Birthday: December 8, 1994 Zodiac: Sagittarius Height: 164 cm (5'5") Blood type: O Initial Persona: Konohana Sakuya Ultimate Persona: Amaterasu Weapon: Fan An elegant, introverted girl with long groomed black hair and a red hairband. Yukiko usually wears either a red cardigan over her school uniform blouse or a pink yukata, and is sometimes also seen carrying a paper fan, which she uses in battle, or a red umbrella. Her family owns a famous ryokan in the city and Yukiko is always busy preparing herself to take over the business. She is named the next owner of the ryokan and feels oppressed by her expected duties. Despite her elegant appearance, she carries a whimsical side prone to fits of laughter. Her Persona is Konohana-sakuya of The Priestess Arcana, resembling a Tokusatsu heroine and being almost completely pink in color, her uniform is reminiscent of a high school cheerleader's uniform. Like Yukiko, it appears to carry a pair of fans. Yukiko is skilled with healing and fire spells. Konohana Sakuya will evolve into Amaterasu once Yukiko's Priestess Social Link is maxed out. Her Shadow takes the form of a caged red lovebird with Yukiko's hair, that is able to summon a prince-like shadow to assist it. It represents her resentment towards having her destiny already chosen for her as inheritor of the Amagi Inn and her desires to be rescued and taken far away by her "prince" Chie, as she feels "caged" in Inaba. Her Midnight Channel dungeon is a pink Romanesque castle filled with medieval furniture. In the S.Link for The Priestess, Yukiko voices her wish to the protagonist to leave Inaba and find a career away from managing her family inn. She eventually changes her mind when she realizes she cannot find the heart to leave the family and employees who supported her when she decided to learn to cook. In addition, Yukiko discovers her fear and resentment wasn't solely born from the idea of her inheriting the family business, but rather that the decision to take over was made for her by her family. She is also one of the female characters with whom the protagonist can have a romantic relationship. A younger Yukiko makes an appearance in Persona 3 Portable at the Amagi Inn, when the Gekkoukan students take a field trip to Inaba. She is seen interacting with Rio Iwasaki.