Yukino Oribe


Birthplace: Tokyo Birth date: December 31 Age: 18 Bloodtype: A One of two Miko of the Oribe Shinto shrine, Yukino is a third year high school student at Yukimi Meadows. She is the captain of the Naginata team, and the elder of twin sisters. She is very protective of her twin, Hinano, whom she affectionately calls Hina. Yukino is rather a tomboy herself; she appears to dislike men, and her aggressive, loud mother hen attitude causes Kyouichi Houraiji to label her "Komaki No. 2". The shrine maidens study with Ryuuzan Arai, and are well versed in battling demons and casting spells. Through Hinano, she is friends with Komaki Sakurai of Magami. They later come to the aid of the main characters when they are forced to fight against a possessed Aoi. After the battle with Kodzunu, the twins become major players throughout season two. The Oribe twins are descendants of Katsuno Oribe from the prequel game Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Gehouchou. (Source: Wikipedia, Japan Wikipedia, and original video game data)