General traits: This puchidol is shy and fainthearted, but also surprisingly strong. It often digs holes with its shovel, even in concrete floors. In those it can take naps or simply observes the surroundings from a place of relative safety. It also often sleeps in its cardboard box. However, it is very easily startled while sleeping and can start digging through the floor in a frenzy. Likes to drink tea and eat takuan. Seasonal changes: In winter it grows a tail like that of a tanuki. Unlike other puchidols, it then prefers to have its tail brushed rather than its hair. Calls: "Po!" (�ー), "Pui!" (��ー), "Pau!" (��ー), and other similar sounds. Sometimes it uses a toy trumpet and it can also make itself understood by wagging its tail. Discovered by: Mami Named by: Mami First appearance: Chapter 1 (Source: laburey.webs.com)