Yukito Kunisaki


Age: Unknown (possibly between 17-20) Hair color: grey Eye color: gold/hazel Relations: Ryuuya and Uraha (long descendant) Favorite food: ramen Favorite object: his puppet Yukito Kunisaki is a young man who travels around the country, searching for the Winged-Maiden he was told about by his late mother. By using a special trick, Yukito is able to move his puppet without strings. He uses this to make money as he travels, with most of it going toward food. One day, Yukito arrives in a small town by the sea. Quickly deciding not to stay very long, he heads for the beach in an attempt to make some money. While by the beach, he meets a strange girl named Misuzu who quickly invites him to her house for dinner and, although skeptical, he accepts. Soon after meeting her mother Haruko and becoming friends with them, he is convinced into staying there. Yukito soon begins doing odd jobs for the local clinic after the doctor catches him doing his puppet show outside. It is here that Yukito becomes friends with Kano and Minagi; however, after getting to know them better he learns of their problems, which convinces Yukito to stay and help. After helping Kano and Minagi, Yukito finds out about Misuzu's illness, which is where she is unable to make friends because she'll begin crying uncontrollably. Yukito then leaves, deciding that if he leaves, Misuzu will get better; however, as he is about to leave, Yukito realizes his mistake and goes back to help. Here is when he realizes his and Misuzu's connection to the past and that Misuzu is the re-incarnation of the Winged Maiden. When Yukito finds Misuzu, she tells him of her last dream before falling asleep. Yukito then disappears in a bright light, causing Misuzu to wake up, seemingly better. It is implied that when Sora appears in the anime after Yukito's disappearance, Sora is Yukito or contains a part of Yukito's soul. [Written by MAL Rewrite]