Also Known As:

  • Wandering Magi

Height: 175 cm Weight: 64 kg Allies: Sinbad, Morgiana, Torran People, Aladdin Occupation: Magi, Magician, Guardian of the Great Rift and Traveler Affiliation: Great Rift and Dark Continent Yunan is one of the four Magi in the current era. He is the Guardian of the Great Rift. He is called the "Wandering Magi", as he raises Dungeons whenever he pleases on his journey. It is revealed that he is the one who raised the first Dungeon, Baal, 14 years before the start of the story. Despite having a rather feminine face, and being reincarnated numerous times, Yunan appears to be a young man. Yunan is a kind and calm person who often smiles. It seems that he cries easily when scared, like when he was bullied by some Parthevian children. It is stated that he has no affiliation with anyone and simply wanders around from place to place making Dungeons appear. He has a reputation for popping up at the most unexpected times. He has also shown a degree of sympathy towards the Fanalis, as well as Sinbad's ill mother. Up until now, Yunan has already lived and died eight times. Each time, his Rukh went back to the Sacred Palace, where he met Ugo. He was then reborn with the same consciousness, inhabiting his ninth body thus far. Yunan comments on this being, interested that a human with such strength would be born. He says something like this only happens once every 1000 years and calls it a "miracle". His type of magic and fighting style is not known. As a Magi, however, he has limitless Rukh/Magoi and knows how to use Borg. In addition, he can raise or collapse Dungeons. He seems to possess exceptionally good hearing as he could hear everything that was happening in the entire Sindria island. Since he possesses all the knowledge of his lives he is quite knowledgeable about Alma Torran and other subjects. (Source: Magi Character Encyclopedia, Magi Wikia)