Yunoha Thrul


Element Ability: Optic Fluoroscopic Basic Element Index: 75 Aura Level Ascension Rate:[/b] Pattern A+ Mind Level Ascension Rate: Pattern A Muscular Power: C- Durability: C Rapidity: C Technical: C Knowledge: B Fortune: D Deterrence: B Dependency of Unification: C The youngest of the Element users with a shy personality. Her Element ability Optical Fluoroscopy (光学�化 K�gaku T�ka) turns her invisible which make her transparent to light, which can extend to Aquarion itself for brief moments at a time, but typically involves her turning herself invisible, while her toy frog-like cat doll remains visible. As a result, when she moves, it tends to seem as the doll is being levitated, leading her classmates to believe that the doll is alive, until she piloted a Vector to form Aquarion. After her identity is revealed to Amata and the others, she starts hanging out with them and showing herself but still turns invisible when shy. (Source: Onscreen text from episode 10, Wikipedia)