In her civilian form, Yura has light blue hair in a twist-like braid running down the right side of her head with a blue headband that ties in the left. Her dress is light blue on the top with a darker blue skirt and an even darker blue ribbon around her waist and the bottom of her skirt.
As Cure Mermaid, her hair lengthens and is now turquoise with blue streaks and styled in a high ponytail. Her tiara is gold with a dark blue and red seashell with light blue cloth flowing from it. Her top is white and blue with a turquoise collar. Pink pearls and a gold brooch decorate the front. Her skirt is turquoise with dark blue accents and a light blue ruffle at the bottom and is floor-length and form fitting. She also wears long white fingerless gloves with pearls at the end with a light blue wrap around her arms and light blue pearl-like earrings. She also wears white knee-length boots with pink pearls on them. Pretty Cure Wiki