Yuri Mariya

万里谷 祐理

Also Known As:

  • Princess

A part of the Japanese Magician's Society (History Compilation Committee) in an elite group known as the Hime-Miko. A miko with a strong Spirit Vision which allows her to obtain visions from objects. Originallly fearful of Godou due to her previous encounter with the Campione Marquis Voban. She later opens up to and falls for him, becoming one of his allies. Touma, her guardian often calls her "Princess." During the battle between Godou and Sun Wukong she was given Godou's authority [Youth] thus awakening her innate abilities. She was then able to use Psychic Sensing. Later after learning the basics from Princess Alice she became able to use Spirit Body Separation and Spirit Pacification. (Source: ANN)