Yuri Tsukikage

月影 ゆり

Also Known As:

  • Cure Moonlight

Yuri is 17 years old and Momoka's classmate, also in the second year of My�d� Academy's high school branch. She shares class notes with Momoka when the latter cannot attend classes because of her job. At the beginning of the story, her Pretty Cure Seed was broken during the fight between herself and Dark Pretty Cure that Tsubomi and Erika saw in their dreams, rendering her unable to transform. Her father also went missing during the investigation of the "Heart Tree." As Cure Moonlight, her theme color is wisteria. Ending Speech: The flower in the serenity of moonshine, Cure Moonlight! (�������る一輪�花�キュアムーンライト�, Gekkou ni saeru ichirin no hana, Kyua Mūnraito!) Attack with the Moon Tact: Gather, Power of Flowers! Moon Tact! Precure Floral Power Fortissimo! (集�れ�花�パワー� ムーンタクト�プリキュア・フローラルパワーフォルテッシモ�, Atsumare, hana no pawa! Mūn Takuto! Purikyua Fur�raru Pawa Foruteshimo!)