Yutaka Kobayakawa


Also Known As:

  • Yuu-chan

Birthday: December 20 Lives in: Satte, Saitama Prefecture Blood Type: A Strong subjects: Japanese Disliked subjects: PE First appearance: Shounen Ace before Comptiq Hair color: Salmon pink Eye color: Green Voiced by: Ai Shimizu (drama CD & video game), Shizuka Hasegawa (anime) Yutaka, a very positive and cheerful but sometimes forgetful girl, is Konata's cousin and Yui's younger sister. Also referred to as "Yu-chan" by Konata and Soujirou. When Konata became a third year student, she was admitted to Ryouou Gakuen High School as a first year student. She is in the same class, 1-D, as Minami and ran for candidacy for class president on the first day of school. She came to live with Konata's family since her body is weak, making her prone to getting sick, and it was too far for her to commute to school from her home. Yutaka wears her hair with small pig tails and often wears a ribbon in her hair. She is an indoor person, so her height and her physique are smaller than Konata. Her primary concern is her height and her body development. However, she realizes her dreams are futile since her cousin Konata hasn't developed at all.