Yuuji Hitouji

一氏 ユウジ

Class: 3-8, classnumber 22 Birthday: 9/11 Bloodtype: B Height: 168cm Weight: 59kg Shoe size: 25.5cm Eyesight: Left and right 1.8 Dominant hand: Left (Right if he's with Koharu) Best technique: Mimicry Tennis, Comic Tennis Favorite food; Okra Hobbies: Making jokes Family: Dad, Mom, Older brother Father's job: Designer Committee: Interesting Research Committee Member (LOLRIKA WHAT?) Best Subject: Art Worst Subject: Math Most visited place in school: Wherever Koharu is Elementary School: Shin Yanagawakita Elementary School Spends his money on: Props Motto: 人生マãƒ�ã�Ÿãƒ¢ãƒ³å‹�ã�¡ã‚„ï¼�人生ホレã�Ÿãƒ¢ãƒ³è² ã�‘ã‚„ï¼� (Imitating life is win! Falling in love with life is lose! ...bad translations, I tell ya.) Fave movie: Cutie Honey Fave book: small joke collections Fave music: Western music, rock Fave color: Indigo Type of person: Koharu Date spot: Watching TV in your own home Daily Routine: Watching TV on his own Dislikes: Kids Skills other than tennis: Mimicry Racquet: YONEX