Yuuji Kimura


Yuuji Kimura is one of Usagi's classmates at Juuban Junior High School. He appears only in the anime, in episode 002. Like many other students, he visits the popular new Fortune-Telling House. Unbeknownst to him, however, this is just one of Jadeite's ploys to collect human energy - what he calls the "Energy of Rebellious Youth." At the Fortune-Telling house, the youma Balm hypnotizes him and plants a special "Devil" card on his person. Because of this, he loses all of his inhibitions and does whatever he feels like doing, without conscience. This is what generates the energy that Jadeite needs. Yuuji trips his teacher, Sakurada Haruna, and tells her that she is supposed to walk softly in the classroom. Later, he and a group of boys throw rocks at a teacher's window to break it. When Sailor Moon goes to the Fortune-Telling House, she finds that Balm has gathered all of the hypnotized students there. The students move to attack Sailor Moon, but just as they come very close to her, Tuxedo Kamen appears. Sailor Moon uses her tiara to destroy Balm, and Yuuji and the other victims are returned to normal, with no memory of what had happened. (Source: The Oracle :: BSSM Encyclopaedia)