Yuuka Saotome

早乙女 優花

A boisterous busybody college student from rural Akita that lives in Ayano’s dormitory. She likes to drink and usually ends up in Yamato’s room with her best friend Megumi. She has been known to take pictures of Yamato in compromising positions so she can blackmail him later. Even though she considers her relationship with Yamato to be “master and slave” [6], she often tries to help him with his relationship problems and has admitted that she worries about him. He also seems to be one of the few people she can be vulnerable with. In fact, Yamato is the only one that she has told about her one sided love for Sasaoka, who she has liked since high school. She had confessed to him fifteen times, but Sasaoka took it as a joke because she never seriously followed through. These rejections had a profound impact on her life, driving her to change her appearance and her dating behavior. Before Sasaoka left for the United States, Yamato took her to the airport so she could finally convince him of her feelings. Even though she finally got through to him, he revealed he is already engaged to be married next year. She took this rejection well, claiming that she felt refreshed and not as devastated as she originally thought. After thanking Yamato, she proclaimed she will become a better woman and find an even better man. She has since returned her appearance to the way it was when Yamato first met her. (Source: Wikipedia)