Yuuki Tenpouin

天宝院 遊騎

Also Known As:

  • Code:03

The current Code: 03. At first glance, he seems pretty calm but goes on a rampage if anyone even brushes him. Oogami described him as the "most barbaric code breaker". He speaks using Kansai-ben. Despite his violent tendencies, he genuinely rewards kindness, and apologizes by giving gifts to people. In chapter 35, he gives Sakura a stuffed animal for her genuine concern for his well-being, and in Chapter 36, he attempts to get a golden toy for Toki as compensation for beating him up, even though he didn't want it. In chapter 36, he admits that he hates Eden, but has joined the organization so that he can take it down. A major love of his is the stuffed animal named Nyanmaru. In recent, he has mistakened Sakura as the true identity of Nyanmaru when her saying reminds him of the animated character. His ability is 'sound' which allows him to listen and identify sounds from distance, travels in the speed of sound and manipulate soundwave to attack. When he temporarily loses his power, he becomes a red-haired cat. Like Heike, he too seems to not prefer the idea of killing, as he went out of his way to save a pregnant woman and a small child from an explosion. His addition to the Code of Hammurabi is "An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth, and the Requiem of Fury for Evil." His Lost Form is a red cat with simple, black eyes, but he keeps his necklace on. It's later revealed that the reason Yuuki works for Eden is for the sake of his childhood friend, Makoto. As a child, Yuuki was ostracized due to his special power, and Makoto and Shigure (another special power user, a future Re:Code) were the only ones to approach him. Once, Yuuki selflessly tried to save others from the rubbles of a collapsed house, and Makoto got severely hurt protecting Yuuki. Since then, he has been in a coma, which caused Shigure to hate Yuuki and vow to kill him to avenge Makoto. In the latest chapters, Makoto is shown to partly regain his consciousness, and is able to send a message in Morse code to Yuuki, telling him to bring his friends the next time he drops by.