Yuusaku Tsunemura


He is a student of Class 3-A in Fumizuki Academy. He is good friends with his classmate Shunpei, and they were called the "Tokonatsu duo" (by combining the first kanji of their surname). He has appeared in the OVA (Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu: Matsuri) of the series, where he and Shunpei went to the Chinese cafe of Class 2-F and ate the sesame dumpling Himeji made. After complaining about the business, he was kick by Yuuji and spread some false rumors regarding the Class F's business. In the tournament, they faced Akihisa and Yuuji and he was teamed up with Shunpei. Although the Tokonatsu duo got the upper hand, they were defeated by the combined efforts of the Akihisa and Yuuji. His shokanjuu is clad in a red, heavy armor and wields a spiked ring. He later appears in the second season with Shunpei.