Yuusei Nishida

西田 優征

Also Known As:

  • Nikuman-kun (Meat Bun)
  • Porky

Birthday: November 29th (Sagittarius) Height: 176 cm Weight: 80 kg Blood Type: B Favourite Food: Meat buns, Yakisoba bread Hobby: Researching different meat buns from different convenience stores School: Municipal Mizusawa High School - Year 2 Class 9 - Karuta Club member Karuta Society: Suihoku Society - A Class A rather tubby boy who is reluctantly often called 'Porky' by Chihaya. Once a top karuta player who had previously played against Chihaya, Arata and Taichi in an elementary school tournament, Yusei quit karuta after suffering a defeat against Arata and took up tennis as a refuge. However, Chihaya manages to remind him how he used to play for fun and he ends up joining the karuta club.(Source: Wikipedia) Favourite Song: Poem #71 When the evening comes, From the rice leaves at my gate, Gentle knocks are heard, And, into my round rush-hut, Enters autumn's roaming breeze.