Yuushi Oshitari

忍足 侑士

Year: 3rd Birthdate: October 15 Height: 178 cm Weight: 64 kg Blood Type: A Handedness: right-handed Shoes: Mizuno (WavejistJP) Racquet: Bridgestone (KingBeam s65) Play style: All-rounder Signature Techniques: Closing off his heart, Higuma Otoshi, Drop Shot Favorite food: seaweed soup, sushi Favorite color: olive green Favorite subject: chemistry, math, technology Hobbies: Watching movies (Romance) Family members: mother, older sister, father Taste in girls: A girl with pretty legs Committee: foreign exchange committee Worst school subject: 器械体� (Rhythmic gymnastics) Most frequented spot in school: サロン (literally "salon", says he goes there mostly to read) Graduated from: Doutonbori Daini Shougakou (same as Kenya) Spends his allowance on: goes to the movies Motto: 人間万事塞��馬 (Inscrutable are the ways of heaven/Fortune is changeable and unpredictable) Movie: 邦画(純愛系)(Japanese movies about "pure love") Book: romance novels Music: 昭和歌謡曲 (popular Showa songs/folk music?) Favorite date spot: a quiet/peaceful park Most desired/needed item: "himitsu" (it's a secret) Daily routine: reads while riding the train Dislikes: natto and caterpillars Special non-tennis skill: 魚を3枚����事 (to fillet a fish into three pieces), playing the violin/cello The Tensai (Genius) of Hyotei Gakuenand also know as "Man of 1000 Techniques." He can perform Higuma Otoshi (one of Shusuke Fuji's Triple Counters: Bear Drop) perfectly. He is called "Oshitari of the one thousand skills." He plays doubles with Gakuto Mukahi in the Kantou Tournament against the Eiji Kikumaru-Takeshi Momoshiro pair and singles in National Tournament against Takeshi Momoshiro, winning 6-4. Oshitari is originally from Kansai. Oshitari also plays the violin, as shown in the nationals OVAs. Oshitari has a cousin named Kenya who is a regular for Shitenhouji (Osaka), which plays Fudomine Middle School and Seigaku in the Nationals.