Yuuto Kidou


Also Known As:

  • Jude Sharp

He wears goggles and a red cape. Originally from Teikoku. The reason why he plays for Teikoku is for his sister, Haruna Otonashi. He was forced to win 3 constructive soccer championships in order to be with her again, so he decided not to contact her for 6 years, leading Otonashi to believe she gets in his way. After seeing Kageyama's wrongdoings, he and the rest of Teikoku quit. Eventually, Kidou joins Endo's team, changing his cape to blue but changes it back to red in the FFI arc. His hissatsu are: [Season one] Twin Boost (with Sakuma or Ichinose), Illusion Ball, Emperor Penguin No.2 (with Jimon and Sakuma or later on, with Ichinose and Gouenji), Inazuma Break (with Endou and Gouenji) and Twin Boost F (with Gouenji) [Season Two] Death Zone (with Endou and Domon), Death Zone 2 (with Endou and Domon) and The Earth (with rest of the Raimon team). [Season three] Killer Fields(with Fudou), True Illusion Ball, Emperor Penguin No.3 (G2 and G3) (with Fudou and Sakuma), Emperor Penguin no.2 (with Fubuki and Ichinose) and Big Bang (with Fubuki and Hiroto) [Movie] Prime Legend (with Gouenji)